#HackfromHome - an anti-viral virtual hackathon.

We’re giving people a chance to respond with action, working together to improve the lives of everyone affect by the Coronavirus. Our goal is to band together to help communities, patients, and their families better using what we know best - technology.

If possible, these ideas should preserve the privacy of individuals through the use of Personal Data Accounts. For more information on Personal Data Accounts read this.



Fitness for Freedom

Now that Coronavirus has hit there is an enormous need to improve the health of those most at risk and I believe that this has significant overlap with the work I have been doing over the last few months to prepare patients for surgery. This has involved physician guided fitness programmes that can be done at home that serve the less fit members of the population, similar to Freeletics but for those with health problems.

The idea here is to create a 'Fitness 4 Freedom' web and app based platform for those people with chronic medical problems or low baseline fitness. This is the subset of people who most desperately need to improve their health prior to leaving their houses in a few months but it is also the population that is poorly served by the fitness industry. Interest in optimising the health of this vulnerable population is paramount to reduce the risk when they re-engage with society.

The structure of the app would be providing fitness programmes that are tailored to an individual using an algorithm to give them the most appropriate exercises and goals. These would take into account, for example, limited mobility and medical issues. Supporting videos and an interface that allows them to report their adherence and progression could be used to inform healthcare providers of their improvement. AI would allow the programme to adapt to their progress and change if adherence is poor to a certain exercise.

I am an Intensive Care Doctor and Anaesthesiologist in the UK and former personal trainer and passionately believe in the benefit of exercise and lifestyle modifications to improve the lives of patients with medical conditions.

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  • Apr 3 2020
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