#HackfromHome - an anti-viral virtual hackathon.

We’re giving people a chance to respond with action, working together to improve the lives of everyone affect by the Coronavirus. Our goal is to band together to help communities, patients, and their families better using what we know best - technology.

If possible, these ideas should preserve the privacy of individuals through the use of Personal Data Accounts. For more information on Personal Data Accounts read this.



Inventory Status Check of eCommerce shops and Big Retailers to provide fast discovery of truthful distributors of PPEs and essential sipplies for Businesses and Direct Consumers, who needs it


There is a big absence of PPEs. People and Businesses cannot find and buy them. Not only people struggle from it, but also hospitals and businesses. One of the biggest problem, Healthcare workers do not have PPEs to continue working safely. Also, when people would like to buy the PPEs, they meet scammers, high inadequate prices, and fake products. Not having an opportunity to be sure that products are real and shop is not a scam, the cannot protect themselves.


Hack Covid will help people around the Globe to find right product in a second. Moreover, the invetory is updated every 30 minutes and people can be notified when the desired product appears. Also, what is most important, shops in that list are in the progress of verification - there are no scammers or fake products. So, people can be 100% sure that the buy the right PPEs.

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  • Apr 3 2020