#HackfromHome - an anti-viral virtual hackathon.

We’re giving people a chance to respond with action, working together to improve the lives of everyone affect by the Coronavirus. Our goal is to band together to help communities, patients, and their families better using what we know best - technology.

If possible, these ideas should preserve the privacy of individuals through the use of Personal Data Accounts. For more information on Personal Data Accounts read this.



Health Traffic Light

I wondered about the tech china is using to monitor all people. I expect you have seen it but they have an app that gives you a red/amber/green status and you can only go into buildings etc if you are green. Status is based on who you have been exposed to. Every time you go in a building they check your temperature and that logs. It creates a network of who is infected and isolates them, and flags it to everyone who they have been in close proximity too. Problem is, being china it is a centralised system, government monitoring your movement, who you meet and your health - unpleasantness they wont give up fast. Felt like this distributed data should be held by individuals but with a centralised function, then your HAT gives the 'Im ok' signal or a 'Im not OK', and sends to your recent contacts, or via a central hub if you were in public. What is hard is to be able to work out how the hell that might work without a large central database that recognises you - my thoughts is some form of anonymous HAT-ID. A HAT solution would be GDPR compliant. Not sure if anyone in UK has developed this yet. A hackathon could build an MVP.

This appears more important given the fears of bio-surveillance that may arise.

  • Glenn Parry
  • Mar 25 2020
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  • Ben Glanton commented
    4 Apr 12:45pm

    BTW - I know this team is already rolling, but what skills are you looking for?

    I've got a background in service virtualisation, I'm competent in Java & Python and can remember some of C and PHP from yonks ago.
    I've tended to live in the services world, but I'm willing to shadow or spare-hands other tasks if that would be useful.

  • Ben Glanton commented
    4 Apr 12:43pm

    RE: GDPR - how about something we sign that's quasi-biometric? That way you don't have to give up any of your details, or at least we can minimise the opportunity to harvest data from users and help them believe.

    Fuzzy idea - to use mobile phone as the passports the process of getting a 'passport' could be:

    Given: I am using a trusted medical supplier, and have received the all-clear
    Given: I have a smartphone with bluetooth

    Then: I take a selfie using our app, if the healthcare provider agrees that it looks like me it is signed.

    Leads to
    Given: I am challenged for my red/amber/green status
    Then: I can demonstrate a selfy for my authentication, the app provides my authorization, including perhaps time-out of other auto invalidation.

  • Chris Newman commented
    2 Apr 10:57pm

    Thinking about this in the context of a more confined space, a flight, but the same concept.

    People with weakened immune systems would benefit from this type of technology because they could get a level of assurance that all of the participants on the flight are green.

    It could be that only a subset of overall flights support this funtionality, which is fine, because the availability of this subset would be extremely valuable to the people that could then depend on it.

    Perhaps if the testing can be done quickly enough, eg. 30 minutes, then it would be possible to test all participants beforehand. Or better if the participants could proactively submit their own health data to be eligible for the flight, eg. using variations in heart rate data collected from a smartwatch over the previous 7 days, temperature from a smart ring (ref https://www.engadget.com/2020/03/23/coronavirus-emergency-workers-oura-smart-ring/) or a self test at home a few hours before the flight.

  • Ming-Wei Hsu commented
    2 Apr 05:58pm

    Hi David,

    I think this is an inpiring idea.

    I have some HAT experience, and I would like to join the team. But I couldn't figure out how to pm you or find the slack channel. Could you help?

  • Nandakishor M commented
    1 Apr 03:42pm

    Great idea. I am also working on similar problem but we can narrow it down by using bluetooth. You can find my idea on the Recent page

  • Wen Tran commented
    1 Apr 12:43am

    Hi all. I'm a full-stack engineer.
    I'm interested in contributing to this project.

  • Suwen Chen commented
    31 Mar 08:47pm

    Hi there,

    Would like to join this group as I've been thinking about how to adapt the health traffic light China has been using into a UK/Europe context.

    I'm from China and have been living in the UK for 10 years (currently a doctoral researcher in impact investing and working for business angel investors). I can do some reseach on related materials in Chinese and ask my friends in China regading their user experiences of the app so we can avoid similar mistakes etc.

    Happy to contribute my knowlege gained from working with investors too as it would be great to get some funding/investment for our MVP and launch the product at a later stage.



  • David Flynn commented
    31 Mar 12:22pm

    Send me a message to get into the Health Traffic Light channel where we can talk about ideas and logistics.

  • David Flynn commented
    31 Mar 12:20pm

    Hey everybody! Excited to be leading this team. I’m a data analyst from Nashville, TN. We’ll be doing most, if not all of our communications from Slack. We have a channel for this team, so send myself or Glenn a message or ping us in the Find A Team Channel to join the team!

    I truly believe that this idea has potential to change the world — starting this weekend with tracking and slowing COVID-19.

    As Glenn said above, we’re looking for - but not limiting the team to the following positions:

    • UX Developer to make the user interface easy to use and looking good.

    • Systems Architect to help us build on the HAT platform and make the magic happen.

    • Coders / Front End / Back End to help make the magic happen in only a single weekend.

    • People with HAT / Dataswift experience to help us navigate the environment and understand what’s possible.

      Looking forward to meeting and chatting with you all in Slack!

  • Glenn Parry commented
    30 Mar 02:47pm

    If you are interested in joining our team we need some people:

    David Flynn - Team Lead

    Glenn Parry - mentor

    System Architect (s) - need to design how this might work

    Coders - need people to build the app and systems to link into HAT

    Interface design - what would the interface look like?

    Let us know what you want to do as we probably missed things!

  • Glenn Parry commented
    30 Mar 09:55am

    Great to have so much excitement! OK, so how can we coordinate this team? We need some action to meet and discuss the idea, plan the design etc. What tools should we use and who is able to lead?

  • David Flynn commented
    29 Mar 04:25am

    Very excited about this idea. I would love to be a member of your team. I have a few ideas I think can help this.

  • Jim Wawrzyniak commented
    28 Mar 02:13pm

    Great idea. To protect personal information, design cell phone app that does not track person but only identifies their condition. Person downloads this free app, enters their condition Red, Yellow or Green, home zip code, and maybe optional email or phone #.

    App can add date original entry and start a log of this person’s condition changes. If person tests positive for covid-19 they login to change their condition to red. When they recover, they change condition to green.

    If all affected people use the app, National reporting becomes accurate and real-time.

  • Jin Jin commented
    27 Mar 03:27pm

    This will be the new stage of public health + iOT.

    very exciting...

  • Craig Edmunds commented
    27 Mar 12:44pm

    Perhaps blockchain based?

  • Amy Evans commented
    27 Mar 11:00am

    I really like this idea. I think there will be a huge appetite for a similar traffic light system once antibody testing is available, enabling those who can to return to work and a more normal life to do so. But the privacy implications are staggering.

    I would love to be on this team if you think I can be of assistance. My email is hello@wearehekla.com. I'm a front-end dev and UX designer.

  • Edward Jones commented
    27 Mar 10:49am

    Seems like a challenge but willing to help.

    Can think of a few possible solutions to the problem but mainly just not having a central database I think could solve most issues. Either way count me in.

  • Jonathan Holtby commented
    27 Mar 10:18am

    This is GREAT - big fan of this idea, would love to be a part of making this happen.

  • Glenn Parry commented
    27 Mar 09:36am

    Hi, please vote for this idea and perhaps Jin Jin you could take the lead on it? I posted it and am mentoring.

  • Jin Jin commented
    26 Mar 06:33pm

    I want to be a member of this interesting project team.

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