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Monitoring burnout amongst health professionals to prevent staffing shortage down stream

In the UK, there were recognised staffing shortages, particularly amongst nursing, prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. The capacity for ICU care is potentially inadequate to deal with the peak of the outbreak, this is despite three key policy directives:

  1. returning of recently de-registered health professionals to practice

  2. fast tracking of student health professionals onto a temporary emergency register

  3. redeployment of health professionals into different specialities

The International Council of Nurses has today said that we need to do more to protect he physical and mental health of nurses. These key policy directives have the potential to place significant mental and physical burden on clinicians as they do roles outside their training, or have been

One known aspect of mental health problems within nursing is burnout.

Could we develop a platform to which nurses (and other professions) can report aspects of burnout (there are validated measures) and predictors of burnout so that in the first instance we can track burnout, and potentially predict burnout and use it to support the management of the workforce as the outbreak persists.

There is a risk that whilst we increase capacity upfront, this will drop off a cliff later as colleagues can't maintain the scale and scope of the work required to manage the outbreak.

I am not a techie - I am a health services researcher with an interest in the better use of health data for patient safety. I am happy to lead this project, but will need the following:

  • developer for the application

  • UX designer to ensure intuitive, simple and easy interface

  • data scientist to work with me to interrogate the data as it is generated

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  • Mar 31 2020
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  • David Barclay commented
    3 Apr 05:53pm

    Any UX help needed then I'm here to help. I would really like contribute in whatever way I can.

    email: davidbarclayuk@gmail.com

  • Ryan Silvashy commented
    2 Apr 06:16pm

    Preventive care is the cornerstone of a successful outcome; I'm in!

  • Jasper Kirton-Wingate commented
    2 Apr 05:31pm

    Hello! I am a data analyst/ developer with experience in Machine Learning, Python, R (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasperkirton/). This sounds interesting, perhaps I could be of assistance?

  • David Barclay commented
    2 Apr 05:13pm

    I would love to help with the user experience. This looks like an interesting problem to solve. My sister's an occupational thereapist who is currently assisting nurses on a night/day shift basis.

  • Adelina Lipsa commented
    2 Apr 04:17pm

    I am interested as a Front End.

  • Sarah L commented
    2 Apr 03:35pm

    I can offer you the digi.me sdk's for this project that could fairly easily help you to get Fitbit, Garmin & GoogleFit data that may help identify staff who are working harder than usual by monitoring step counts and heartrates through wearables for those who have them... Take a look at https://developer.digi.me for signing up for our SDK all documentation is on our website and on github. And we provide support via our slack channel. :)

  • Xi Zhang commented
    2 Apr 05:59am

    I'd love to contribute to your project. I have a project management and consulting background.

  • Gretchen Young commented
    2 Apr 03:34am

    Hi there! I'm also a UX/UI Designer and I love this idea. I've been wanting to find my way to user my usability and prototyping skills to help our medical professionals, and would be interested in joining your team.

  • Jasmine Ngan commented
    2 Apr 03:05am

    Interested in this as a UX designer

  • Festus Adeboye commented
    2 Apr 12:42am

    Hi, I am a software developer, I can help with the application backend development.

  • Rose Espiritu commented
    1 Apr 06:02pm

    I'm a front end web developer and I can help with this experience.

  • Arielle Wiltz commented
    1 Apr 04:30pm

    I’m an Interaction Design and can help with this experience