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We’re giving people a chance to respond with action, working together to improve the lives of everyone affect by the Coronavirus. Our goal is to band together to help communities, patients, and their families better using what we know best - technology.

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Create a platform for online coaching health care workers on the job

Healthcare workers in developing countries, need to have easy access to a coach that helps them improve their performance daily. A professional coach will provide focused knowledge in bite sizes that can be applied right away and help implement new and more effective procedures to deliver better quality health care services

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  • Mar 31 2020
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  • Bob Sopko commented
    4 Apr 09:44pm
  • Guest commented
    2 Apr 04:05pm

    Good to hear from you, Nora. Good to know you are passionate about coaching others healthcare professionals. Hope we find ways to do it at global scale. I have been able to coach up to 87 health care professionals at a time. I provide them with individual attention and support and that number means I am dedicated to the task fulltime. I do it through email, skype and WhatsApp. Online training platforms are hard to access with low bandwith in developing countries. It would help monitoring and follow-up if we had a tool that integrates these three and tracks progress. What do you think?

  • Nora Nock commented
    1 Apr 05:19am

    Hi, I too am passionate about this! I think it might be helpful to partner with the other group who is working on similar for more general focus?

    Thank you,


  • Guest commented
    31 Mar 01:52pm

    I have been coaching health professionals by email for more than 15 years. It would help me reach more health care workers in developing nations and train and support coaches that do what I do, if I had a simple online platform. Can you help?