#HackfromHome - an anti-viral virtual hackathon.

We’re giving people a chance to respond with action, working together to improve the lives of everyone affect by the Coronavirus. Our goal is to band together to help communities, patients, and their families better using what we know best - technology.

If possible, these ideas should preserve the privacy of individuals through the use of Personal Data Accounts. For more information on Personal Data Accounts read this.



ELLA – The COVID-19 home nurse


Ella is a coronavirus online symptom tracker and analyser that aims to support people getting through coronavirus from home.

Two target groups

  • People who show coronavirus symptoms or were in contact with someone who had symptoms or tested positive

  • People looking after household members who are sick


In the initial step, platform users choose between tracking their own symptoms and tracking symptoms for someone else on the platform interface. Ella will then ask both groups questions about their symptoms in a consumer-friendly way to assess the health situation and give instructions.

Ella tracks symptoms regularly by asking her platform users questions and giving feedback until 2 weeks after the patient feels symptom free. The frequency of Ella’s interaction depends on the health condition of the patient. Ella will tell her patients when they should consult the NHS and explain symptoms.

Ella’s decisions are based on two things:

  • an Index which calculates the severity of symptoms and decides when a patient needs in-hospital treatment

  • learnings from symptoms and progression of disease of other patients

Benefits for Targeted Stakeholders


UK Government


· Learn and understand symptoms of coronavirus better as well as symptoms progression and potential impact of measures taken by patient

· Access to patient symptom history

· Reduced pressure on 111 helplines

· Use data to plan demand for hospital beds

· Use data to decide what actions by the government are required

· Use data of people with symptoms to predict demand for hospital equipment which needs to be ordered in advance

· Provides instructions and helps patient to understand symptoms better

· No waiting time on phone lines and direct access to symptom assessment

· Ella will tell caregiver what he can expect and warn him when he should consult a doctor using learnings from other people who have looked after someone with severe symptoms

Relevance, Vision & USP

As the number of infected people rises and hospital capacity getting full, recovering from home is becoming more important. Through interviews I conducted with both patients and doctors, I learned that people often don’t understand how severe their symptoms are and when it is necessary to contact a doctor. Some people didn’t want to go to the hospital because they feared being put together with other patients who have the virus. Further, I learned that people who are seriously ill don’t have the energy to call 111 but are being looked after by someone.

Out of this research the idea of Ella, a COVID-19 home nurse was born. Ella aims to help everyone who is trying to recover from coronavirus symptoms from home and reduce lack of understanding of symptoms.

The platform also aims to support the NHS by looking after its patients who are staying at home and connecting both whenever necessary.

Ella would see itself partnering with governments and healthcare organisations in order to help countries through the pandemic.

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  • Mar 27 2020
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  • Tash commented
    3 Apr 09:37pm

    This is an interesting idea and sounds very feasible. Would love to join and work on this. I have design, interactive and some front end skills to help.

  • Natalia Florman commented
    2 Apr 06:03pm

    Hi, this is a great idea. I'm a UX designer if you are looking for one on this project?

  • Jasper Kirton-Wingate commented
    2 Apr 04:32pm

    Hello, this sounds very interesting. I'm a Data Analyst / Developer with experience in Machine Learning, perhaps we can discuss further. Thanks!

  • Rachel Salomonsen commented
    2 Apr 03:05pm


    Really like your project and want to help. Have some experience and tools for covid symptoms tracking. would love to help your team.

  • Guest commented
    2 Apr 11:44am

    Hi Lyn,

    Thanks for your feedback. Ella can be designed as a chat bot.

    Happy to work with you too if the idea gets selected.

  • Lyn Muldrow commented
    1 Apr 02:13pm

    This is a great idea! For the user experience, what if Ella was a chat bot? Users can engage with Ella from their phones through short-form messages, and Ella can communicate various steps through user choices. Would be happy to hack on this with you.