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We’re giving people a chance to respond with action, working together to improve the lives of everyone affect by the Coronavirus. Our goal is to band together to help communities, patients, and their families better using what we know best - technology.

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BolsoFake? Whatsapp Icon for fake news check


Fake news are spreading more and more due to natural human behaviours facing state control, chaos and death or just misunderstanding situations. In such cases we see an increase in people sharing unchecked materials without responsibilities. But when a leader, or a chief of state, uses it, for thier political reasons - the impact can be huge on public health.

People tend to trust or mis-trust authorities automatically and as a result get out of home to streets without wearing masks believing “it’s just a small flu” as mentioned by him in national tv and many others fake spreads.


The first idea was really to check submitted messages associated to bolsonaro but when we started talking to team members we see that a lot of other presidents,chief of state and politics from other countries does the same of bolsonaro to share fake news so we decided to go worldwide.

We are aware of the duality present in fake news that some find it cool to check messages but others can associate to control messages in terms of machine learning cannot understand text and its message, and it can cause more censorship then real check.

Since Whatsapp is very popular in Brazil, we decided to make the fact checking more visible in this platforms. Thanks to Mr.s Prya a hackfromhome participant from another team, saved us a lot of work by showing us that whatsApp and Telegram has already fact agencies registered in their system.

To give this visibility,and practicality we want this to be easily done by putting the fact checker icon (detective) right next to the stickers selection:

Everything will be done inside the platform no need of external links, chat bots, just select the message, click on agency you want, the result return with FAKE or TRUE according to each agency response message.

The idea is to stop the range they can affect...because if you or me share a fake news, we wont get a wide range, but if there is a politician name,a symbol, something that associates the name of the minister of health (for example) to it, then it gains more importance, if one guy pulls the informationto bolsofake checker, and flag that content, then it would continue to spread but with a flag on it that said the message could be fake. according to the fact agencies criterias.

We sure cannot create this because whatsApp is not an open app like some others so we suggested give this idea to WhatsApp and Telegram Team...the main point here is...give visibility and make it easier to ppl from all ages KNOW that there is inside these apps, such agencies that can do it for you easily in the way we suggest for more praticality.

Prevention, Prevention and Prevention.
Without as many fake news spreading on, we can easily prevent people of getting harm because of misinformation.


Nicolas salocin.ten@gmail.com

- Mentor

- Web Development, UX and php

Reno Dourado renobrdf@gmail.com

- Team leader

- Social worker and

mechatronics student

Jin I. skype moonshot191

- Senior full stack developer with

6+ years experience in web

mobile game

Érico T. ericodecarvalho@gmail.com

- Graphic designer Senior


- Law Student

  • reno dourado
  • Mar 27 2020
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  • Janon K commented
    4 Apr 09:31am

    hi, can i still join?

  • reno dourado commented
    2 Apr 02:22pm

    Update 9: chatbot not good, i wanted to be something that if you click on it it runs, no sending messages to chatbot contacts...just like you open a gif or a sticker, but lets say, u get to choose which one of agencies you would like to run the info when u click the marker it will open the screen like when u click to view the gifs, or stickers, but instead, will show agencies u would like to run the info, after u get result, return to gifs and sticker to select and post result with percentage of fakeness or truthness

  • reno dourado commented
    1 Apr 07:02pm

    cool app picture

  • Salocin Dot TEN commented
    31 Mar 01:57pm

    It is very subjective, from joining a fake news hackathon in early 2019, so AI might provide a false positive. Whatsapp does not seem to provide an adequate api for this other than using Twilio and promoting that as an "API" to check. If fact checking websites like snopes.com and my country's sebenarnya.my have a way to search / crawl. then it might be applicable.

  • Gilberto commented
    30 Mar 02:21pm

    I`m working with fake news for years now and never saw a AI based machine learning app able to do fact-checking directly from text because it`s a very subjective approach. Ev everything Bolsonaro says in his statements are true in a sense that he really said those worlds. Of course, compared to what science says, the claims are very false and wrong. Anyway, I`d like very much see this running. And e3ager to know how can I help.

  • reno dourado commented
    30 Mar 01:01pm

    Simple tap and conclusion, once u enter whatsapp there is the emoticon on top of the message form, after u can choose gif,sticker or emoticon, on that we add the marker check, when ppl click on it will appear, select dialog from message board, ppl will select the info and the fact checker will check if fake or not. Simple as that. But need help from ppl with whatsapp knowledge this is the screen where the marker will be, (✓)